Why Erotic Fiction Deluxe?

Erotic fiction has always been important to me. Ever since I discovered this line of fiction, it has shaped me and my kinks. Especially in the early days of the internet, everything was possible. So through trial and error, I discovered what I liked to read about.
This is the main reason for me to start this meme and offer a new platform for people to share their stories.

Only BDSM?

Nope. I want Erotic Fiction Deluxe to be open to any kind of fiction, whatever genre or theme. It’s a platform for stories, vanilla, kink or anything in between. I have one demand only: that it’s hot for you and the reader. I want people to be titillated. I want to offer a place of refuge to the dreary world outside. I wish for a fantasy realm with happy ever afters, attractive heroines and maybe even more attractive bad boys. I would like to add this: don’t forget to add a twist now and then. Make me gasp in surprise. Add some conflict or use an extraordinary setting.

Only fantasy?

Nope. Erotic Fiction Deluxe is open to any genre. Real-life stories, fantasies about your sexy neighbour or colleague, they’re all welcome. But if you prefer science-fiction, historical fiction, epic fantasy or wild-west, that’s all welcome here. Whatever you prefer. As long as it’s hot and sexy.

Why Deluxe?

Writing stories isn’t for everyone. I sometimes forget this. I hope to build a platform where everyone can browse through the stories and find something to their liking. And what could be more deluxe than reading through dozens of erotic stories week after week?

What does it cost?

Nothing. Joining Erotic Fiction Deluxe is free of charge and will always be free. Post your story on your own blog and link it to this week’s prompt. That’s all there is to it.
If you don’t have a blog, but do have a story, send me a message, and I will host it.