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All posts must be fictional. They can be inspired by real life, but the content must be a story.

The prompt is optional. You can use it to spark your imagination, but if you have another story to share this week, please share with us.

Two posts per blog only. One new story and one older story if you have one that fits the prompt. One story by your blog and one guest post is also allowed as are sponsored posts.

Posts should be a maximum of 2,000 words. Of course, you can make a serial and post a new chapter every week.

Can I share anything?

Nope. Let’s keep it simple: don’t post any stories with subjects forbidden by law. No necrophilia, no bestiality, nothing underage, no incest and anything else I’ve forgotten to link here but is still prohibited.

Content Warnings

Please add content warnings on top of your story if your fiction contains potential harmful content, like mentions of disease, suicide, self-harm or adultery.

All entries must be:
Gender-inclusive. Body Positive. Kink/Fetish Positive.
I strive for a harmonious environment and respect your individuality and personal expression. We want everyone to be made welcome and respected.

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Let’s spread our stories and make the world a sexier and happier place, one story at a time!

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