Prompt 54 Retro

For some reason, humans always grab back to earlier times for inspiration, whether it's in design, in fashion or in music styles. Terms like 'retro' and 'vintage' always seem to…

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Prompt 53 – Cutting Corners

Image by Hùng Phạm Anh from Pixabay  We've all been there: the deadline you knew was coming, is suddenly due the next day. You know you can never complete the full project anymore,…

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Young beautiful women blowing confetti from hands. Celebration and event concept

Prompt 52 Anniversary

Picture from This meme has been around for one full year! Can you imagine that? I had no idea how long I would keep it up when I first…


Prompt 51 Dream Castle

Image by TweSwe from Pixabay  The world we're living in is often dark and grim. What better way to escape reality than to drift off to a magical dream castle? It's the place…

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handsome young muscular man with two women in bedroom

Prompt 50 Unconventional Love

Picture from Valentine is just around the corner, as can be seen by all the flower and heart advertisements everywhere. But what if you don't care for a typical…

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Prompt 49 Shadow

Picture by  Nika Akin via Pixabay  Many things can happen in the shadows. They can be activities that can't bear the light of day or scenes that should be hidden from the…

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Prompt 48 Healthy

Picture by  Natalia Lavrinenko via Pixabay  It's January, the month of the resolutions. Many people will have started a diet, restarted exercising, or given up alcohol. The perfect month for a prompt…

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Prompt 46 – Sweet and Sour It's one of the more complex tastes to get right in the kitchen: sweet and sour. Like the perfect honey mustard dressing, it can be tough to get right.…


Prompt 45 Meditation

Picture from The first week of the new year. Everyone is busy with their resolutions and picking up their previously abandoned sports routines. Meditation, too, is an excellent way…

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