Prompt 30 – Waiting

Picture by  Hương Vũ via Pixabay  Last week we had several beautiful submissions, including two in the Spanish language! Luckily, Marie was kind enough to host and translate these for use into…

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Prompt 29 (Rain) Drops

Picture by gamagapix via Pixabay Last week we had several unique submissions to the theme 'Hands.' We had a visit from the mysterious 'Doctor Feelgood,' about to treat a patient's hysteria. Next…

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Prompt 28 – Hands

Picture by  Jan Steiner via Pixabay  Last week we had six great stories, many of which did follow the prompt. This is not obligatory, though it can be an excellent writing exercise.…


Prompt 26 Books

Photo by mike giovinazzo on Unsplash Last week we had seven great submissions, each sexy in their own way. I'd like to highlight one story: Nickey and Nina's Coming of Age by Sir…

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Prompt 25 Threesomes

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Last week we had six amazing stories. We welcomed a story by a new writer: Cousin Pons, with a sexy tale about olden day kitchen tools. May's story…


Prompt 24 – Back in the Day

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels Last week we had five sizzling hot submissions where two stories took us to the tropical sun while others remained closer to home or even at home.…

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Prompt 23 – Whispers

Picture by  Ezequias Avila Poche via Pixabay  Last week we had a top number of submitted posts! Eight stories and all of them hot and fabulous. They're actually too many to summarise…


Prompt 22 – Stars

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay  Last week, we only had a few submissions, but that's no surprise in the middle of the summer. We had a heartbreaking tale of a glass (no pun…

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Prompt 21 – Falling

Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay  Last week we had plenty of stories for the prompt 'Countdown.' There were several first times for different situations. There was a literal countdown situation dealing with a…

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Prompt 18 – New

New and exciting, somehow, these words always come together. Whether you have a new plan, a new project, a new home, all of these give you tingles of excitement about what's to come. The prompt is about new experiences, whether with a first-time partner or an entirely different setting.

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