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Cold can be a powerful metaphor for the challenges that love can bring. It can feel like a frozen wasteland, with barriers that can be difficult to overcome. However, sometimes love can also be the warmth that we need to survive the cold. In this writing prompt, we explore the theme of cold in relationships through a story about a couple who live in a frozen world where everyone wears protective gear to survive the extreme cold.

The couple, however, yearns for a deeper connection and decides to take a risk and remove their protective gear for just a few moments to feel the cold together. As they embrace and feel the frigid air on their skin, they realize that their love for each other is stronger than any force of nature. However, their decision comes with consequences and they must face the challenges that come with breaking the rules of their society.

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and find true love in this frozen world? Or will they succumb to the cold and be forced to go their separate ways? Write a story that explores the power of love in the face of adversity, and the strength that it takes to break down the barriers that keep us apart.

Whether you choose to write based on the prompts above or go in your own direction, I’m excited to read your stories! Let’s create some romance together, Deluxians!

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