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Last week more lessons were learned in the Masturbation prompt, both in stories by May More, Sir Thomas and Liz BlackX. Marie brought us a remarkable clerical story. Plenty of hot stories you won’t wanna miss!

Prompt 13 – Don’t Speak

Silence is golden. Sometimes, okay, often, it’s better to shut up and listen, either to what someone else is saying. Silence and listening to your thoughts can bring you peace and quiet, as it’s the basis for meditation.
In the context of erotic literature, there can be many interpretations of this theme. The most obvious is, of course, the use of a gag. This is how the Dominant enforces the rule of silence on their submissive. But maybe you can come up with other creative ideas to silence your partner. Perhaps you can write a sensual story where two people, or more, only touch each other without being permitted to speak. Or they watch each other through muted cameras; how would you convey sexuality then? Share your stories on the subject of ‘Don’t Speak’, and let’s spread the sexiness, Deluxians!

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