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A woman seductively licking a tulip as illustration to this week's prompt 'oral sex'
A woman seductively licking a tulip as illustration to this week’s prompt ‘oral sex’

Thanks to everyone for joining up on the first prompt, ‘Digital Love‘. In the future, I might do a proper round-up, but for now, I only encourage you to read all the posts and see for yourself how amazingly hot they are 🙂

From this week on, the prompt will close on Tuesday at 16:00 Amsterdam time. This gives me a little more time for closing the previous week properly.

I’ve also updated the rules to make it possible for you to add two stories per week, one old and one new. Or one by a guest post. Let’s spread some Erotic Fiction around!

Prompt 2 Oral Sex

This week the prompt is ‘Oral Sex.’ Oral Sex can make for exquisite foreplay, a random in-between act or part of an intimate night on the couch watching a movie (or even in the cinema 😈). Share your stories, old and new, where the Oral Sex is in the spotlight and dazzle us with your sexiness.

No, not a coincidence, but hop over to the meme I have just taken over from Marie Rebelle, The Oral Sex Project. You can add your story to this month’s prompt there and read all the other great additions.

Let’s share our oral love, Deluxians! Looking forward to reading your stories.

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