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Drops caught in a spiders web

Picture by gamagapix via Pixabay
Picture by gamagapix via Pixabay

Last week we had several unique submissions to the theme ‘Hands.’ We had a visit from the mysterious ‘Doctor Feelgood,’ about to treat a patient’s hysteria. Next to that story, we had an incredible sci-fi short story by May, a wild continuation of Posy’s Hans and Greta story, the swingers club returned home and a hot dinner by Marie. We also had a special hands-themed punishment for one submissive. They’re very much worth reading!

Prompt 29 (Rain) Drops

This week’s prompt is ‘Drops.’ Technically, this can be drops of any kind. Drops of wax, drops of paint or the regular raindrops outside. You could go for drops of tabasco sauce on intimate places or a dark story with the medieval torture method of one drop on a head per hour. Plenty of routes to explore here. Share with us your sexiest stories down below, with or without following the prompt. Let’s share some sexiness, Deluxians!

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