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Picture by vicky gharat via Pixabay
Picture by  vicky gharat via Pixabay 

Last week we received an exciting mix of sexy stories. There was a part 4 of Posy’s retelling of Hans and Greta, a dark tale by May More, two guest posts via Marie with a hot airport story, a setup for a cuckold story, and a sad story tinge but a happy ending by Marie. This week’s spotlight is for Steeled Snake’s story ‘W is for Waiting.’ It used the prompt splendidly, and the tale was very realistic, which is a nice change from the fantasy ones.

Prompt 31 – Hacked

Our lives are digital. This not only counts for us, the bloggers and readers of online stories, but for everyone in society. What happens if ill-doers interfere? What if someone takes control of your computer? What if the computer starts giving you commands instead of you controlling it? What if your personal robot turns against you? Plenty of options to write hot stories about. Share them with us down below or any other story you want to share. Let’s make the world a sexier place, Deluxians!

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