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Afbeelding van Saulius Rozanas via Pixabay
Afbeelding van Saulius Rozanas via Pixabay

Last week we had six great stories. Some were very scary, and others just sizzling hot. Check them out here!

Prompt 42 – Naked

Many prompts are seasonal, so why this prompt in early December, one of the coldest months of the year in the Northern hemisphere? Because nudity is always there, and it’s inextricably linked to sexiness. To a certain degree, of course, not every shower you take is incredibly sexy, but while ramping up sexy feelings, getting naked can speed up the process. So the prompt guides you to write stories about your character getting naked. Perhaps she’s seen by the neighbour they fancied, or they’re seducing their partner. Whatever you prefer, your story can be both on and off prompt; share your story with us down below. Let’s make the world a little sexier, Deluxians!

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