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Photo by ERNEST TARASOV on Unsplash
Photo by ERNEST TARASOV on Unsplash

Last week, the prompt ‘Sweet and Sour‘ submissions were absolutely spot on and were a lot of fun or heartbreaking to read. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Prompt 47 – The One That Got Away

Most of us have known heartbreak in our lives. Relationships that ended prematurely or that never got to full fruition. The one lover that you really cared for, but life turned around and threw too many challenges on your path. Or the sexy colleague that you would swear liked you too, but nothing ever happened. Now is the time to write down the story about what could have happened. How hot would it have been? Or maybe there’s a story in the heartbreak tale? Whichever sexy story you come up with, with or without following the prompt, share it down below with us. Let’s make the world a little sexier, Deluxians!

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