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Image by Amy Art-Dreams from Pixabay
Image by Amy Art-Dreams from Pixabay 

Naturally a bottle can contain many substances. And no, not only liquor 😉 Though it can contain a specific wine a romantic partner was interested in, it can even be a container for a love potion.

Or try this AI-generated prompt:

In a world where magic is real and wishes can be granted, a young woman finds a bottle that holds the key to her heart’s desire. With each wish, she is transported to a different realm where she meets a series of captivating suitors, but as the bottles’ magic begins to run out, she must choose between a life of adventure and true love before the bottle shatters and the magic is lost forever.

Whichever road for inspiration you choose, and whether you prefer to write without following the prompt, share your story with us below. Let’s make the world sexier, Deluxians!

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