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Created with AI through Nightcafe

Created with AI though Nightcafe

How is this a sexy writing prompt, I hear you asking? Well, because we all experience the mundane. We live through it every day, and this isn’t bad; it’s what makes life livable. The only challenge is to keep things interesting. So perhaps your main character has a surprise for their partner or they’re discussing, or putting into action, a long-desired wish.

Or try this AI-generated prompt:

Two strangers find themselves stranded in an airport terminal after their flights are cancelled due to a blizzard. With nothing to do but wait, they start talking and realize they have an instant connection. As they spend the next few days stuck in the mundane surroundings of the airport, they begin to fall for each other, but they both know their time together is limited. Will they find a way to make their romance last beyond the mundane reality of their situation?

Whichever road for inspiration you choose, and whether you prefer to write without following the prompt, share your story with us below. Let’s make the world sexier, Deluxians!

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