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Picture by Joshua Woroniecki via Pixabay
Picture by  Joshua Woroniecki via Pixabay 

Last week we had eight sexy submissions for the prompt ‘The Moon.’ There were hot picnics in the moonlight, several mysterious encounters, both heterosexual and bisexual and Rafael’s hot adventures with a strict group of women. Check them out here: The Moon

This week’s highlight goes to Sir Thomas’ story about two elderly people experiencing lovemaking for the first time. It’s a sweet tale and definitely a recommendation.

Prompt 34 The Key

This week’s prompt can be applied in many ways. You can think of the metaphorical ‘key to your heart,’ which you may or may not give away. You can think of the key to someone’s cage, either in the spirit of Locktober or a larger cage. Or perhaps someone finds a mystical key that unlocks a secret room or even a realm. Many opportunities to write a sexy story. Please share with us your sexiest stories, with or without following the prompt. Let’s make the world a sexier place, Deluxians!

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