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Picture by Pexels via Pixabay
Picture by  Pexels via Pixabay 

Last week for Week 34’s prompt of ‘The Key,’ we had an Erotic Fiction Deluxe special: a five-story series all based on this prompt. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you check out this Victorian tale by Mrs Fever, where several men are taught lessons in control. It’s a very entertaining read in a style you don’t often see.

Prompt 35 Museum

This week is all about old artefacts and stuffy surroundings. Your stories don’t have to be old or stuffy. Maybe they’re about a first date at a museum. Or about a visit to one of the world’s more sexual themed shows like a Sex Museum or Vagina Museum. Or, if you want to go dark, the Torture Museum. You could also go mystical and accidentally rouse an ancient spirit with the ensuing consequences. Plenty of options for hot sexy stories, Deluxians. Share them down below with or without following the prompt. You can also share a story previously published on Medium. All you need is to add the link to the Inlinkz button down below. Let’s share some sexiness!

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